Mompha Lifestyle, Latest Cars, Arrest and Net worth 2020

Before we talked about the Instagram Big boy Mompha lifestyle,

Let get to know a few things about the guy “Mompha”

Who is Mompha (The Sky Man)?

Mompha is a successful Instagram sensation who flaunting huge stacks of USD on Instagram, which he claimed to be made through his bureau d Change Business

Other things Mompha Loves to do:

  • Mompha is also known to be a Premium Customers to an airline based in Garhoud, Dubai, United “Arab Emirates”.Mompha lifesyle flies only first class
  • Mompha Only flies first-class with his family which he usually shows the same on Instagram.
  • Mompha is a lover of wriest watches and Exotic Cars


What is Mompha Real Name?

sure you will want to know what mompha’s real name is

Mompha lifestyle is a dream come through for most of his fans The Self-Acclaimed “Sky Man” Real name is Ismaila Mustapha.

He is of Nigeria descent that resides in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

What are Mompha Latest Cars?

know momphas car worth and cars Mompha drives Mompha  has Numerous Exotic Cars running into millions of US Doller

Recall Mompha the Sky Man took Instagram on a standstill when he purchases a Ferrari 488 Spider

mompha lifestyle in cars

barely a few days after he acquires 2020 Rolls Royce worth over N180Million in total sum, to become the first African to own the N180million 2020 Rolls Royce Wraith VIII.

Mompha Lifestyle in Ferrari
Ferrari 488 Spider

Mompha show his new toys on Instagram to show what most people refer to as “the definition of a made man”

Among many others of his exotic purchases which he shares on Instagram, The price of this Ferrari is about N90million.

Mompha is just another big boy you can’t avoid

mompha lifestyle
Mompha lifestyle in a Rolls Royce

Mompha Describes his new Rolls Royce to be one of the 50 produced in the whole wide world, he further said he purchased the new Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle Bespoke at zero kilometers.

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 What is Mompha’s Net Worth 2020?

Mompha is worth Millions of USD

As at the time of this post, real estimated of his mompha net worth can’t be established but we know for sure the Instagram celebrity is worth millions of dollars.

Mompha Lifestyle and Arrest?

Mompha has made money and he couldn’t hide but shows it online and tell the whole world how successful he is with sole specifies Bureau De Change Business.

Efcc Arrest Mompha

Popular Nigerian Bureau De Change King Mompha, Skyman reportedly ARRESTED in Abuja by the International Police.

A report that popular Nigerian big boy based in Dubai, Ismaila Mustapha, popularly known as Mompha, has been arrested by Interpol on a $5 million (N1.8 billion) scam he pulled. The news had surfaced after controversial Nigerian Kemi Olunloyo shared the news on her Instagram page. Olunloyo claimed that Mompha was arrested in Abuja after he fled Dubai. Olunloyo also alleged that the arrest happened three days ago. According to Olunloyo, she would provide more news about the arrest after further investigations have been done. 

Nigerian Economic Crimefighter EFCC has also come our to confirm the claim about Mompha’s Arrest

One thing we can say from his arrest is “Not All that glitters is Gold”

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